Launched in Canada in1974, the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) has been identified as a world leader in coach education. It is currently the largest adult continuing education program in Canada. The NCCP is co administered by the Canadian Sports Authority in partnership with those Sporting Organisations so recognized by the Authority.

In 1979 representatives of the Canadian NCCP attended Australia and provided the Australian Coaching Council Inc. with the information and expertise needed to establish the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).
In the early days of the NCAS the support texts were issued from Canada.
The Australian Coaching Council Inc. was an Australian Capital Territory incorporated association and a Registered Training Organisation.
The charter of the Australian Coaching Council was “to develop, implement and co-ordinate coaching policy and coaching development programs on a national basis in co-operation with the National Sporting Organisations (NSO’s).”
The Australian Coaching Council (ACC) in partnership with the various National Sporting Organisations (NSO’s) administered the NCAS until 1991 when the Australian Coaching Council’s NCAS administrative functions were incorporated into the Australian Sports Commission. At the time of this change the ACC had, as at 30 June 1991, accredited 81,076 coaches.
It is worth noting that the accreditation of NSO coaches via the NCAS was mandated by the ASC as ‘compulsory’. At the point that this was no longer required the decline of the NCAS, within some sports, commenced. For a period of time the ASC continued to use the ACC name and logo but this was phased out by 2001.
Over the following ten years the administration of the NCAS gradually shifted to the NSO’s.
In September 2017 the ASC announced it was ‘retiring’ the NCAS. It was further advised that:

“It is the expectation that NSOs will continue to develop and deliver their frameworks and programs as they currently do. The ASC did not accredit coaches, it has always been the role of the NSO. Any coaches and officials accredited by the NSO will remain so.”

Accordingly In 2018 the Australian Coaching Council (ACC) was reconstituted as the representative administrative body for the NCAS and those NSOs who wish to continue with the NCAS as the Accreditation program for their respective sports.