Another Win For the Australian Coaching Council

In 2017 the ASC (now Sport Australia) stepped away from supporting coaching and officiating by ‘retiring’ the national accreditation schemes for coaching (NCAS) and officiating (NOAS) and by removing itself from development and delivery. The ASC advised NSOs that they would be solely responsible for their coaching and officiating development needs from that point on.

In response to extensive requests from NSOs the Australian Coaching Council was reformed shortly thereafter with one of its expressed aims being to provide national leadership and support to NSOs in coaching and officiating development. Working collaboratively with over 50 NSOs over the past 3 years led to the development of the ACC National Strategic Framework Coaching in the 2020s which is serving as a guiding document.

Recently Sport Australia advertised for the new position of Director, Coaching and Officiating .

The ACC takes some comfort that the job description of the new Director, Coaching and Officiating draws heavily from the Charter of the Australian Coaching Council and that Sport Australia now appears to be recognising and prioritising the development of coaching and officiating.

We extend our thanks to the many National Sporting Organisations and coaches who have contacted the ACC office to acknowledge our vital role in getting Sport Australia to change its position on coaching and officiating.

The ACC is supportive of the new position taken by Sport Australia in recognising the importance of coaching and officiating. As we have already been operating in these areas in conjunction with NSOs we have offered our assistance, knowledge and significant expertise by way of a partnership or ‘cooperative arrangement’ with Sport Australia to contribute to better collective outcomes for coaching and officiating.

Any feedback or comment will be gratefully received.

Walt Missingham
Chair – Australian Coaching Council Steering Committee