Australian Coaching Council
  1. Leadership in coach development.
  2. Alignment of coach development key players.
  3. Identification of key personnel and provision of professional development support for training coach trainers, mentors and assessors.
  4. Management of coach development working groups.
  5. Programme development and implementation guidelines.
  6. Programme endorsement and ongoing quality assurance.
  7. General principle module development.
  8. General principle resource development, (electronically available for NSOs either to use, or adapt for use, in their programmes.)
  9. Managing selected coach accreditation data.
  10. Research, innovation and information management.
  11. Investment in and support of key players.
National Sport Organisations (NSOs)
  1. Leadership of coach development in their sport.
  2. Production of policies and procedures for systematic development, consistent delivery and assessment, and quality assurance of programmes (Quality Management System).
  3. Research and innovation in their sport.
  4. Creating/updating coach development:
    • pathways
    • programmes
    • delivery and assessment materials
    • resources.
  5. Implementation, maintenance and quality assurance of coach development programmes .
  6. Delivery and assessment of relevant coach development programmes.
  7. Training people in their sport to deliver coach development programmes.
  8. Managing coach accreditation data for their sport.
State Sport Organisations (SSOs)
  1. Delivery and assessment of relevant NSO coach development programmes.
  2. Implementation of NSO policies and procedures.
  3. Working with other key players at the regional level.

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