COVID Safe Sport Coaches and Officials

This new on-line course has been developed for all Sports Coaches/Trainers/Officials to conduct training and coaching sessions during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Staying up to date with the current guidelines, you will learn the fundamental knowledge required to conduct coaching sessions and give your athletes the confidence to return to their regular training in a safe and protected environment.




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Terms & Conditions

i) To ensure the integrity of the ‘COVID Safe Coaches Certification’ Program, we may list all coaches that have been certified. If so provided the list will be alphabetical to the last name of the coaches. The publicly accessible information will be:

      • Name
      • Type of Sport
      • Location (noted as town/suburb State)

ii) The course is structured to provide the participants a basic understanding of the ‘Covid 19 Virus’ and to further provide mechanisms and procedures to assist the coach or official in conducting a safe training session.

iii) The information provided in the course is correct at the time of issue, however participants are advised to regularly update themselves via the Federal Government Department of Health information site (  and their respective State Health Department counterparts.

To become a certified COVID Safe Sports Coach/Official, go here:

The course is designed to form part of our industry COVID-19 resumption plan.

The online Certification Program has been developed and administered by the Australian Coaching Council and will take about 30 minutes to complete and is provided as a service to support the sport and coaching community.

Please use the course and promote it to your associations, clubs and membership as you see fit to assist in promulgating this important information.

The Australian Coaching Council acknowledges and thanks the Australian Martial Arts Industry Association for their role in the development of this program.