Introducing the Australian Coaching Council Committee

Lawrie Woodman

Advisory Committee - Chair
  • Coaching Development Manager at AFL 2000-2017
  • High Performance Manager at Athletics Australia (1998-2001) - Assistant Manager at 2000 Olympics
  • Elite Sports Performance Co-ordinator at the Australian Institute of Sport (1995-1998)
  • Director of Australian Coaching Council (1983-1995)
    including managing the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS)
  • Chair - Australian Coaching Advisory Committee 2018-present

Gene Schembri

Advisory Committee - Supporting Expertise
  • National Coaching Director (Gymnastics 10yrs)
  • 2nd Director of ACC
  • ASC - various sport education roles
  • Nominated by International Gymnastics Federation to attend ICCE Coach Developer Academy - Tokyo (2015)

Daryl Durham

Advisory Committee - Supporting Expertise
  • 17 years with ASC in varying roles including the Australian Coaching Council
  • Works with NSO and SSO in the areas of coaching and officiating development.
  • Develops training resources for coaches and officials, and resources for principal educators
  • Authored extensive coaching and officiating education curriculums and resources

Rob Bradley

Advisory Committee - Managment Support
  • Involved in the Australian sporting scene for over 35 years having been one of the early graduates of the Canberra University Bachelor of Sports Administration with a subsequent MBA at Southern Cross University.
  • As President and CEO of CAS Rob has worked to build a strong Sport, Health and Education cross-sector collaboration to advocate for the vital contribution that sport makes to our nation.
  • CEO of Royal Life Saving Society Australia for 16 years significantly increasing the financial strength, community awareness of key issues and industry leadership
  • Early work was in operations and development at the Australian Rugby Union for 7 years which included building and implementing the Australian Rugby Pathway
  • Held numerous national and international chair and board positions across sporting, leisure and recreation, lifesaving and drowning prevention organisations and interest groups
  • Successfully worked with and through Government to towards policy and legislative change in areas such as GST, home pool fencing and compulsory swimming and water safety education
  • Rob has been a director of CAS since 2009 and commenced as Chief Executive Officer in January 2013

Walt Missingham

Advisory Committee - Acting Chairman
  • Author of the Accreditation programs for Kung Fu (levels 1, 2 and 3) with National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (Aust Sports Commission)
  • Author of the Accreditation programs for Martial Arts with National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (Aust Sports Commission)
  • Author of the Accreditation programs for Martial Arts with the NMAS – Martial Arts Industry Association – Certified under ISO 17024
  • Writer of the National Code of Practise for Martial Arts Centres and Instructors
  • Author of the National Risk Management Policy for Martial Arts
  • Co-author of all of the martial arts and self-defence modules currently used under the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • Author of the NSW Government (Dept Education) Martial arts in Schools Policy